While walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans, I decided to stop in to Saint Louis Cemetery 1, which contains all above ground vaults, some which are over 200 years old. It was interesting to learn of the notable New Orleanians that are laid to rest here, as well as future crypts for people like actor Nicolas Cage.

The day was gloomy and at times I found I was alone within the large brick walls surrounding the cemetery. After spending an hour reading barely legible marble tablets and surveying the superstitious vandalism related to voodoo, I came across a sleeping cat in one corner of the cemetery.

As I approached, she lifted her head and lazily squinted her eyes at me. As I walked away, she followed, stretching off her sleep on top of the tombs. A curious cat, we wandered the cemetery together for another hour before she returned to her resting place in the back corner.

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What I’m up to…

My travel schedule is starting to take shape. If I’m coming to your area by all means reach out and lets make plans! Always appreciate local tips and a heads up on events happening while I’m in town.


September – ARIZONA
October - TEXAS
November – LOUISIANA
December-January – FLORIDA
  • Hosting food & wine tasting events in Miami
  • Pouring Central Coast wines at the Key West Food & Wine Festival
  • Getting my Enriched Air (nitrox) advanced scuba certification
  • Learning to spear fish, exploring sunken ships

February-April – CALIFORNIA


  • Visiting family & friends as they come out of winter hibernation
  • Premiering my film & wine experience in Phoenix 


  • Hopping over the pond to see what’s happening in their vineyards

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